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IFR Center for Current Research

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Jenna elfman nipples

When the condition is serious, it demands serious medical information. The Center for Current Research accesses the sophisticated databases at the National Library of Medicine, and provides patients with the latest medical information from major hospitals, clinics, and research institutions worldwide. Learn about published studies on treatments and prevention, diagnosis and risk, alternative therapies, and much more medical information. To begin your search, please use the navigation to the right.

Purpose of This Site

At the Center for Current Research, we gather important medical information from the top medical journals, in order that you can be better educated about current medical practices and procedures-often difficult to find. Browse through the relevant subjects to locate the condition that concerns you. We are regularly adding new medical information, so come back frequently. The Center is supported solely through the participation of our online advertisers. Rewarding them rewards us.

Confidentiality Statement

The Center for Current Research is responsible for the personal information under its control and assures the security of that information, both technologically and procedurally. Such information as user name, email, and screen name, is NEVER sold, rented, or otherwise disclosed to third parties.